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Monday, May 11, 2015

Stinkin Thinkin

Have you ever heard the saying ‘you are what you think’? This is true to life in general, but let’s look at it from a golfers stand point.

Have you ever been over a one foot putt where normally without second thought you walk up and tap it in, then the sudden fear of missing it overcomes you; you play with the thought, give in to that fear and miss?

Have you ever stepped on to a tea box where there is this one pond that normally would never come into play and you find yourself worried that you might find the drink? This one thought doesn’t seem to leave your mind, you antagonize it all throughout your routine right up till the moment of impact. You stand there posing and come to realize you’ve found the very pond you dreaded going in.

How about the other side of the spectrum, ever been over a 30’ foot putt and had the overwhelming feeling that this thing is going in? Sure enough you hit the putt with peace of mind and BAAM you drop it for birdie to take the lead.

In all cases we have one common factor and it has to do with how we think and what we believe will happen. Jack Nicklaus said “Golf is 90% mental and the other 10% is mental”. Now do you think that possibly the greatest golfer of all time knew what he was talking about?

What will you do next time you play? Will you control your thoughts or let your thoughts control you? You have the choice and I assure you that if you practice good thinking on the course no matter what happens before or during your round, with patience and practice you will begin to see results and not be effected by a bad swing here and there. Just go out and have some fun. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Pre Round Warm Up

So often we rush to the course, we put on our shoes, munch down a quick hot dog and head straight to the first tee. Not to mention we take all the worries of our day out there with us. What's for dinner, that person who was rude at the gas station, work, chores, and on and on. Golf is a game of patience and self control. Golf is a game where the most important shot is your next one, golf requires our focus. If we step on the golf course with a hurried mindset then a hurried game of golf is what we get. If we step onto the golf course with a calm, stress free and grateful attitude then a fun day is ahead of you regardless of the outcome. Every heard you reap what you sow?

Try this out…

Next round of golf you play show up 45 minutes early. Take your time getting out of the car, take your time putting on your shoes, drinking water, walking to the golf shop, walking to the range, go slowly through that time between arriving and leaving the golf course. Leave all the baggage in your car and forget about it. Leave your laptops, cell phones, everything you have to take care of after your round and forget all the stuff that happened before hand. You came to golf, so do just that, go out and play golf. This is a great way to establish a relaxed mindset before you play. Go out, have fun and leave the baggage in the car. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself, if you play once a year don’t beat yourself up if you make a double bogie or hit a bad shot. I’m a scratch golfer and I make doubles all the time, even triple bogies. This last season I made an 11 on number 5. If we don’t let results be our focus we won’t be stressed if we hit some bad shots and we WILL hit bad shots every round we ever play. Leave the baggage in the car and go through your pre round warm up methodically. Think about it.